FBXchange is a comprehensive football database based entirely online. Clients rent the software and player data from FBXchange through a variety of accessible contracts.

With over 130,000 players in the FBX database, clients can quickly and accurately find the players they are looking for. With detailed search filters to sort results, user-created lists containing players of interest, and the ability to add personalized data for proprietary scout reports, notes, and contact Information within minutes.

All Information a user creates within the FBX system is securely and exclusively stored for each team, and is available in real time to all members of a team or association based on who the client decides to provide access to. With scout reports, notes, lists, contact Information and more instantly available online; there is no need to take notes on paper, share excel sheets, or prepare reports, the interactive FBXchange system does all the work for you.

Time is money in the professional sports world, and FBX will cut conventional administrative costs and expedite the flow of information in such a way that will improve the overall management process. Team personnel will spend less time dealing with administration delays, and developing player search parameters; allowing more time for what they are meant to do, find exceptional football talent.

FBXchange data includes the NFL, CFL, XFL and AFL along with thousands of up and coming draft prospects and their measurables (height, weight, speed). FBX is the only online database that has complete player history of all professional leagues in one place that can be cross referenced and is updated daily, creating a detailed and dynamic online environment. Comprehensive and inexpensive, pairing data from FBX with a client’s proprietary data will provide a competitive edge unlike anything else

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