Software Solutions

Online Solution

  • FBX is an online Scouting Solution. There is no software to download or install on your computer or tablet
  • If you have an internet connection, you have access to the FBX Database and thereby all your work, and team/association requirements

Flexible Contracts

  • FBX deals with each Team or Person individually depending on needs. We have over 20 options to choose from.
  • The Data you enter into the FBX System is your data and can be exported to Excel at any time

Update Log

  • FBX Users have access to a detailed log of bug fixes and improvements
  • Every Day FBX Users have access to view the Leagues (NFL, CFL, XFL, USFL etc) where we have updated player transactions

Accessing FBX on phones

  • FBX is not currently designed to work on phone size mobile devices, but some of the large screen versions behave like tablets and our software runs as expected.
  • A new software update coming in September 2022 will allow users to work on smaller screens
Software Features

Create Scout Reports

  • Easily Find Players in our Database with Multiple Search Parameters
  • Create a scout report
    • Using the Digital Scout Report with pre-defined criteria by position. Use the Drop down to grade the player on these criteria to create a player grade
    • Using the Standard Scout Report forms to enter Positive, Negative, Summary as well as Grades or comments about the player
    • Use Both Methods to create both a digital and Standard Scout report on the player
  • Share your report with other scouts or team management
  • Search your or your teams reports by Grade, Position to quickly find players of interest

Create Player Notes

  • Easily Find Players in our Database with Multiple Search Parameters
  • Create a Note on Player
    • Copy and Paste Notes from the Internet or Create them from scratch using our interactive notes board.
  • Share your notes with other scouts or team management
  • Search your or your teams Notes by Date or by any individual scout

Historical Data HWS

  • All Player Heights, Weights and Speeds are saved for Historical Viewing.

Customized Lists to Track Players

  • Create a List from any Search of the database.
    • Add Players to List with a single click
  • Share your Lists with fellow scouts or team management

Export Data

  • Export any Data you have created in the Scouting System to Excel.

Email notification system

  • Never miss an important player change, you can add Players to Lists that will notify you by email if the players Status or Team Changes.

Agent Information

  • The majority of current players have their Agent and Agent Contact information at a single click

Build a Draft Board

  • FBX Drag and Drop Draft Board allows you to import lists, players, rosters and create Draft Boards which can be shared with all members of your association
Ask for a FREE Demonstration
  • Use our Contact Us Link to request a free demonstration of our software solution
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